About Us

Cool Question combines quality, performance and style to deliver the world’s top performing & coolest male grooming products. We set ourselves a simple brief – be cool, be creative, be the best. We constantly seek to over deliver, striving to serve up the coolest and best performing, most stylish male grooming products in the world.

Our Philosophy We are committed to providing high quality hair, body and skin care products for discerning customers. Our philosophy is to use natural and, wherever possible, organic ingredients which are proven and reliable. Our skincare range is designed to give your body and spirit the royal treatment. We have succeeded in bringing you clean, safe, natural products that look, feel, and smell like superior luxury, but are priced for you to indulge every day. It's for the discerning individuals who want affordable, effective, cleansing and moisturizing personal skincare products with no harsh or irritating chemicals. Our products are made with high natural ingredients content that are pH balanced and dermatologically tested.


  All of the ingredients used in our hair and skin care selection have been tested and verified as being suitable for use in our exclusive range of products. We source only the finest natural organic herb and plant extracts and believe that many of the ingredients have proven positive, beneficial and health giving properties. We are confident that only the very best nature can provide goes into our hair and skin collection. Environmental Values: Aluminium adds style and class to a product and has excellent light block abilities. The aluminium is EPA lined and therefore will not come into contact with your products, ensuring no reaction takes place. Aluminium offers excellent recyclability, being an endless resource to recycle. Accompanied by discounts and complimentary samples to encourage them.  For recycling bottles, customers receive a gift voucher when they send their empties back to us. Our way of saying, “thank you for helping us to continue being ethically responsible”.